The Team

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor Segun Fatumo

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Dr. Segun Fatumo is an Assistant Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Bioinformatics at MRC/UVRI, Uganda and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK . He leads The African Computational Genomics (TACG) Research group. His group’s expertise includes but not limited to GWAS, meta-analysis, Multi-variates GWAS, Genetic Risk Score, Fine Mapping, Mendelian randomisation studies and Drug Discovery. He was recently (July 2020) awarded the prestigious Wellcome International Intermediate Fellowship to lead an innovative research programme at the MRC/UVRI and LSHTM... Read More

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Dr. Opeyemi Soremekun


Opeyemi obtained his BSc. in Biochemistry from Madonna University, Nigeria, and his M.Sc. in Biochemistry (Cancer Research and Molecular Biology) from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He got his PhD in Computational Biology (Drug Design and Development) from University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Opeyemi has experience in the use of Bioinformatics and statistical methods in the analysis of genomic data. Presently, his research involves the use of Mendelian randomisation approaches to assess the causal relationships between cardio metabolic traits/diseases and kidney functions in African populations. Some of his publications can be accessed here.

PhD Students

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Christopher Kintu


I am currently pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics at Makerere University, Kampala Uganda under the supervision of Prof Segun Fatumo. I hold a masters degree in Immunology and Clinical Microbiology and a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, both from Makerere University, Uganda.

My PhD thesis is focusing on developing the first Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS) for prediction of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) within African populations. We will evaluate best approaches for using a diverse discovery dataset from trans-ethnic Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) meta-analysis and a target dataset individuals from continental Africa to develop and evaluate a novel PRS for prediction of CKD.

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Mayanja Richard


I am Mayanja Richard, a PhD student in Bioinformatics from Makerere University, Uganda under the supervision of Prof Segun Fatumo.

My PhD work centres around an assessment the aetiological insights into Chronic kidney disease (CKD) including integration of genomic data to perform large-scale GWAS of estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), a measure of kidney function that defines CKD in ~26K individuals from continental Africa, thus providing unique opportunities for the discovery of new disease susceptibility loci.

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Chisom Ezenwa


Chisom Ezenwa Soremekun is a Research Associate at the Center for Genomics Research and Innovation, National Biotechnology Development Agency (CGRI-NABDA), Abuja, Nigeria. She is also a PhD student at Makerere University, Uganda where she will be working on the GWAS of type-2 diabetes in Africa. Chisom holds a Bachelors and Master's degree in Biochemistry from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She has attended several Bioinformatics training which includes; Introduction to Bioinformatics Training (IBT) and Intermediate Bioinformatics Training (Int_BT) both organized by H3ABioNet. She has also served as Teaching Assistants for the IBT course. In 2020, Chisom was awarded the H3ABioNet Training Fellowship to acquire applied bioinformatics skills at the Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience (SBIMB),University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Presently, she is working on the Multivariate Genome Wide Association Study analysis of the Liver Function Traits (LFTs) in the African population. Chisom enjoys traveling and reading.

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Sarah Silva

Sarah is currently pursuing a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine under the primary supervision of Prof Dr. Segun Fatumo. She holds a master's degree in Genomic Medicine from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (QMUL) and a bachelor's degree in Genetics from the University of Liverpool. Her current research pertains to studying the genetics of risk factors associated with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and how they differ between ethnicities. Through the development of unique polygenic risk scores and disentangling contextual influence on CHD penetrance for each ethnicity under investigation, the efficacy of stratified and precision medicine through means of the adoption and implementation of ethnicity data will be assessed.

Graduate Interns

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Mariam Nakabuye


Currently, I am a graduate research intern at The African Computational Genomics (TACG) Research group at the MRC Unit of Entebbe in Uganda.

In my current research, I am applying principal component analysis to assess whether genetic variants affect body shape as a composite phenotype that is represented by a combination of a range of body shape phenotypic traits in Individuals from Uganda and Durban in South Africa.

Masters Students

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Sounkou Mahamane, Toure

toure@computationalgenomics.org |sounkoutoure@gmail.com | stoure@tulane.edu

Sounkou Mahamane Toure is a Malian student with a background in mathematics and computer sciences acquired during a bachelor degree in applied mathematics and Informatics at the the Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco.

He is currently a Masters student in Bioinformatics at the the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of the University of Science, Techniques and Technology in Bamako in the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics of Bamako during which he was awarded an NIH Fogarty International training fellowship at Tulane University department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Data Science.

As a visiting research trainee at Tulane University, he acquired research skills through collaborations on several projects around malaria epidemiology and spatial statistical modeling. For his Master thesis project, he applies multivariate genome-wide association techniques to discover and replicate genetic loci associated with blood lipid levels in different populations of African origins. Toure aims at pursuing his research interest in the genomic epidemiology of non communicable diseases in African populations.

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Brenda Udosen


I obtained my BSc in the field of Genetics and Biotechnology from the university of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. At the completion of my degree, I did a one-year internship program at the National Biotechnology Development Agency, in the department of canter for genomic research innovation Abuja, Nigeria. After which I undertook MSc in Bioinformatics in Africa Centre of excellence in Bioinformatics, Bamako, Mali. My thesis research project was focused on identifying genetic variants associated with blood pressure traits using Genome wide association analyses approach in individuals from African descent.